Piccolo B flat/A with G-set, triggers at 1st and 4th valve, 4 perinet valves

Piccolo B flat/A with G-set, triggers at 1st and 4th valve, 4 perinet valves

Piccolo B/A mit G-Set, Trigger am 1. und 4. Ventil, 4 Perinetventile

Special features of the instrument:
Trigger at the 1st slide, intonation trigger at the 3rd slide, trigger at the 4th slide The 4th slide is of short design and can be triggered conveniently at the lower pitch. The 4th valve can be used conveniently for auxiliary chords and intonation.
The instrument features separate B flat and A-mouthpipes. For tuning to G, the mouthpiece elbow is exchanged with the 1st, 3rd and 4th slide. The 2nd slide is soldered. The normally required length adjustment is compensated for by “tricks” which the instrument builders integrated into the instrument.
The timbre is full and free of sharp edges. The instrument is perfectly intonated in all 3 pitches. The large bore supports the air stream and reduces any unpleasant back pressure. The solid 24 carat gold plating further adds to the exquisite sound. An intonation adjustment facility in the bell compensates for the usual deviations of the 5th and 6th natural tone.
By expanding the instrument to a Piccolo G trumpet the player can use the his familiar instrument in three pitches.

We built this Piccolo trumpet as an alternative to the conventional instruments in terms of sound. It should have a darker sound and be suitable for a baroque movement as well as in an orchestra. I have used it with an orchestra for Bolero, Sacre Du Printemps or operas by Britten, for example.
Its response is in no way inferior to that of other Piccolo trumpets.

Technical specifications

  • Bell diameter: 100
  • Material: brass
  • Bore: 11.50 mm / 0.452 in.
  • Bell rim: Fr. rim
  • Wall thickness: 0.40
  • Finish: Gold
  • Recommended mouthpiece: H-P1

Sound sample
Listen to Bach/Vivaldi: Allegro from the Corncerto in D: