E flat trumpet

E flat trumpet, 4 perinet valves

Es-Trompete, 4 Perinetventile

Special features of the instrument:
Trigger at the 1st and 4th valve, intonation ring at the 3rd slide.
The mass of the 4th valve magnifies the volume and substance of the instrument. Ideal for the Haydn concert.
A combination of heavy caps and an English rim at the bell provides a very good pithiness and tone separation.
The expansion to a E-, D-, and 4 valve C trumpet allows the player to use the same instrument in 4 different pitches.For the E pitch (Hummel concert), mouthpipe and slides are exchanged while the bell of the E flat trumpet remains mounted.
For the baroque or classical D pitch, mouthpipe and slides are exchanged as well, and a bell of either the E flat or the C-version is used.

For the Haydn concert, I wanted a trumpet with the advantages of an E flat trumpet and the sound of a B flat trumpet. This is why we equipped this instrument with special features like the 4th valve, for example, which give the instrument considerably more mass.
In a movement with big trumpets, it can act as a link to higher instruments, and it blends very well.
The conversion to a C trumpet is an easy task. And the fact that feeling and handling will not change compared to the E flat/D trumpet is an important advantage. It sounds versatile, free and open with an easy response. I also use for B flat trumpet parts.

Technical specifications

  • Bell diameter: 125.5
  • Material: Gold brass
  • Bore: 11.50 mm / 0.453 in.
  • Bell rim: Engl. rim
  • Finish: Gold

E flat trumpet, 4 perinet valves, C trumpet set

Es-Trompete, 4 Perinetventile, C-Trompeten Set

Special features of the instrument:
The C version is an immensely versatile trumpet which has a full sound while the 2 triggers and the intonation ring at the 3rd slide offer various possibilities for adjustment. The bell is screwed (Sliding Bell). Various options from the full-bodied Kruspe metal bell with “German” sound to the lead-like version with a smaller brass bell are possible.

Technical specifications

  • Bell diameter: 130
  • Material: Kruspe metal
  • Bell rim: garland
  • Wall thickness: 0.40
  • Finish: lacquered

Sound sample
Listen to Skalkottas: Concertino for trumpet and piano: