“Deutsche” C-trumpet

“Deutsche” C-trumpet


Special features of the instrument:
Zirnbauer machine, Kruspe metal, B flat/C/A key, Pitchfinder, sound ring, exchangeable mouthpipe, screwed bell. Extra: Tuning crook with regulating valve for B pitch. Can be used for the Hummel concert in E pitch.

For this instrument, I didn’t want a trumpet with the typical C trumpet sound, but one more oriented to the B flat trumpet. The Zirnbauer machine and its continuously conical pipe were a particular advantage in this respect. It has become an incredibly versatile instrument offering the whole range of the trumpet sound. I used it during the recording of the Jolivet concert for the CD “Gansch meets Höfs”, and it gave me all the freedom which I expected for this piece.For the Hummel concert, we designed a longer mouthpiece in order to be able to tune the trumpet to B. This allows the player to use the “familiar” E flat chords of the B flat trumpet. This concert calls for a rather soft and full sound which can be achieved much better on an E trumpet. In addition, the E trumpet is an instrument which can only be used for a very small number of passages. This is why it would require a thorough preparation every time. Thanks to the “trick” of the B trumpet the concert can be played comfortably on the familiar C trumpet (tuned to B).
We also designed a special crook equipped with a regulating valve. This regulating valve allows the player to change the pitch in no time. Thus, the slow part can be played on a C trumpet while reading a minor, so that the trills can be realised much better than on a B trumpet.

Technical specifications

  • Bell diameter: 130
  • Material: Kruspe metal
  • Bore: 11.00 mm / 11.50 mm – 0.453 in. / 0.472 in.
  • Bell rim: garland
  • Wall thickness: 0.35
  • Finish: gold
  • Recommended mouthpiece: MH1 or MH2

Sound sample
Listen to Jolivet: Concertino: