Perinet flugelhorn, 4 valve

Perinet flugelhorn, 4 valve

Perinet-Flügelhorn, 4-ventilig

Special features of the instrument:
Mighty and flexible flugelhorn sound. Trigger at 1st slide, combined trigger at 3rd and 4th slide. Screwed bell. 4-5 octaves range with 4th valve.

This instrument incorporates all the advantages of the “American” construction. The sound is flexible and open. Thanks to the 4th valve, the instrument has more mass and sound stability. We often use it for German Brass arrangements, which is always a pleasure.

Technical specifications

  • Bell diameter: 150
  • Bell rim: Fr. rim
  • Material: gold brass
  • Bore: 11.50 mm / 0.453 in.
  • Wall thickness: 0.45
  • Finish: Gold
  • Recommended mouthpiece: F

Sound sample
Listen to Legrand – How do you keep…: